Technical skills ︎︎︎ script writing • research • editing • motion design • 2D animation • sound design • Premiere Pro • After Effects • Photoshop • Logic • Audition
I’m a jack-of-all-trades creative who can take a blank document and transform it into a completed, highly engaging product on my own. But, I’m also eager to jump into a wide variety of editorial and commercial projects as a director, art director, or consultant and help shape them in collaboration with others.

Currently, I’m a senior creative lead and video producer at Vox. As a founding member of the video team, I helped establish Vox video’s signature visual identity and voice. Over my tenure, we grew from a small scrappy team to an ambitious department of journalists, filmmakers, and animators with a 10 million subscriber Youtube Channel and spin-off shows on Netflix, Youtube Originals, and HBO.

In 2016 I developed the Emmy-Award winning series Earworm, a 26 episode video project that covered a wide range of music topics, and brought together experts across the musical field to explore music history in a wholly unique way. As of 2021, the series has reached an audience of over 50 million across the globe.

In addition to my role as director and creator of Earworm, I helped develop the strategy for the next generation of Vox content on Youtube and premium streaming platforms. In this role I lead creative development of a Youtube Originals project, mentored producers, and worked across multiple series as an art director.

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